Sir Atcha Hot Sauce – 5oz

Become the ultimate Defender of Taste with the unique flavor profile of Sir Atcha hot sauce.


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Introducing Sir Atcha Hot Sauce, the fiery new creation from Woodsman Coffee Co that brings the untamed essence of the woods to your taste buds. Crafted with a passion for the outdoors, woodworking, and coffee, this gluten-free and preservative-free sriracha is the ultimate defender of taste. Embrace the wild as you savor the rich, bold flavors of this extraordinary hot sauce, carefully handcrafted to ignite your senses and add a dash of adventure to every dish.

Sir Atcha Hot Sauce boasts a tantalizing blend of sun-ripened red chili peppers, aged to perfection, and infused with the smoky aroma of the finest hardwoods. With its well-balanced heat and a burst of savory sweetness, this exceptional hot sauce will transport you to the heart of the forest with every single drop. The carefully selected ingredients ensure a unique taste that complements a variety of dishes, making it a must-have condiment for outdoor enthusiasts, coffee lovers, and flavor seekers alike. Experience the untamed thrill of Sir Atcha Hot Sauce, and let the wild woods dance on your palate.


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