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Coffee, Spices, and Wood Products

Woodsman Coffee Company was founded on the passion for the outdoors, woodworking, and of course coffee. We embrace the wild and want to bring the taste, smells, and textures of the woods to you!

Woodsman Coffee Company Blends

Artisan Coffee

We hunted to find some of the best coffee profiles possible to bring you a better coffee. We have single origins and blends that will make you wish you had a bottomless mug!

Woodsman Coffee Company Blends

Wood Products

All our wood products are hand-made in Southern Indiana. We use the finest hardwoods to produce wood products to use in your home and that will last many years to come.

Hunt Chef Spices


We have some of the most flavorful and easiest to use cooking and grilling seasonings out there. No MSG, gluten free and will bring out the Wild flavor in any dish.

Hoosier Honey from Woodsman Coffee Company


Woodsman Coffee Company’s Jerky: a wild and flavorful adventure.

Hoosier Honey from Woodsman Coffee Company

Hot Sauce

Premium hot sauces from select producers. Mild to intense heat, these sauces are rich with flavor!

Hoosier Honey from Woodsman Coffee Company


Now selling raw, organic Honey made in our hometown of Bloomington, IN. Natural Midwest Honey at its finest!

Hoosier Honey from Woodsman Coffee Company

Household Products

Introducting soaps and candles for your adventurer spirit!


Small Batch, Fair Trade, Hand-Crafted

After years of research and honing skills we have put together some of the best products in the market. We carefully tested or designed each product to ensure you would enjoy it as much as we did making it. Our products are chemical free and made in America.

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