Teriyaki – Bison Snack Stick


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Experience the untamed flavors of the outdoors with Woodsman Coffee Company's Teriyaki Bison Snack Sticks. Crafted with a passion for nature, woodworking, and coffee, these delectable snack sticks offer a mesmerizing fusion of sweet and savory tastes inspired by the tropics.

Indulge in the essence of the wild as you savor the delightful blend of soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, and honey, meticulously infused into each bite of our Teriyaki Bison Snack Sticks. Embracing the spirit of adventure, Woodsman Coffee Company brings you a wholesome and flavorful snack with mild spice that captures the rugged charm of the woods in every mouthwatering moment. Let these Bison Snack Sticks accompany you on your outdoor escapades or be your delightful companion during quiet moments, as they bring the taste, smells, and textures of nature right to your taste buds. Let the Teriyaki Bison Snack Sticks transport you to the heart of the wilderness with every savory bite.

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