Costa Rica Honey Processed – Medium Roast

Flavor Profile
Stone Fruit | Citrus | Almond | Honey

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Embrace the spirit of the outdoors with Woodsman Coffee Company's latest addition – the Costa Rica Honey Processed Coffee. Our passion for nature, woodworking, and coffee comes together in this enticing medium roast that promises to whisk you away to the heart of the woods.

Indulge your senses with hints of stone fruit, citrus, almond, and honey, intricately woven into each sip. This smooth and clean blend boasts abundant flavors, making it a great cup of coffee on its own, without the need for any embellishments. Let the Costa Rica Honey Processed Coffee transport you to a world of natural wonder, where the taste, smells, and textures of the woods come alive in every aromatic brew.

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Whole Bean/Ground

Whole Bean, Ground


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